Young 5150 – Marijuana Lyrics

Marijuana Lyrics

( 1) yuxng f.n
Ay I been smoking on marijuana
I been smoking on marijuana
I can do what you wanna
Sippin on the wock like gunna
I can’t fuck with these frontas
Yo bitch imma stunna
I been stuntin
Pull up to your spot
Then I run in
Fuckin up your function
Cause a disfunction
Don’t remember cause I’m on marijuana
I just gotta do what I wanna
All these boys just write stuff
I just do what I wanna
I been smoking marijuana
I been smoking marijuana
I can do what I wanna

( 2) Young 5150
Ay uh
I can do what I wanna
I can do what I wanna
What I wanna
Bitch I can do what I wanna
Me and fn smoking on marijuana
Smoke comin like transformer
Ay ay ay
Bitch imma do what i wanna do
Drip and drown like gunna too
Bitch lookin bald like Caillou
I don’t give a shit
I’m by you
I can leave yo ass in the bayou
Babygirl fine let me smash her too
Nigga talkin shit imma make my move
Get the fuckin clip load it up let’s shoot (boom boom)
Nigga know my name but I don’t know you
Tryna be like me bitch you ain’t that dude
Tryna take thе fame bitch you ain’t that cool
Niggas know you lame man make yo fuckin movе
Like juice bitch I see shadows in my room
Nigga thought that he was cool
But really you ain’t
Nigga talk shit then imma cut to the chase
Imma ride right to the bank
Ay and I’m smoking marijuana
Bad bitch from Tijuana
She said she wanna smoke too
Blow the smoke out like transformer
And im smoking marijuana
Baby imma do what you wanna
I get high off the wock
Sippin that shit like gunna

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